About us

DMBoulos Advogados, is a law firm with a 15-year history and a clear purpose: to help boost our clients’ businesses.

Working in key areas of business law, we provide strategic legal support to national and global companies, investors and executives, working to make projects viable, conduct business and find the best ways to resolve conflicts.

Combining solid experience in our clients’ industries with in-depth academic knowledge, our team specializes in building customized and efficient legal strategies.

Our goal in each case is to understand our clients’ business in depth, envision solutions and develop creative and innovative strategies to achieve the best results.

How we work

We have special expertise in real estate deals, drafting contracts and advising on negotiations, corporate matters, litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution, effectively helping companies to structure projects and develop their businesses.

To this end, we also have experienced professionals in litigation disputes in all spheres of the Judiciary, in arbitration cases and before administrative and regulatory bodies, as well as the support of consultants in the consumer and labor areas.

Our work is complemented by a roster of external specialists, who act strategically according to the needs of each case.

In this way, we can assist our clients from end to end in their business, from the conception and structuring of projects to the closing and legal monitoring of commercial transactions and ongoing advice for legal departments.

Areas of activity

DMBoulos Advogados works in key areas of business law, combining extensive experience in our clients’ areas of activity and in-depth academic knowledge to build customized and efficient legal strategies.

Real Estate

• Advice on real estate deals, purchase and sale, exchange, payment in kind, mortgages and other real and fiduciary guarantees, commercial leases and built to suit;
• Advice on formatting corporate arrangements inherent to real estate deals;
• Audits to assess, from a legal standpoint, the real estate assets of companies and risks in real estate business;
• Drawing up agreements, deeds and other documents relating to real estate projects such as shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, real estate developments, condominiums, lots and land parcels;
• Preparation of studies and opinions on a wide range of real estate law issues.

Civil and commercial agreements

Advice on drafting, reviewing and negotiating civil and commercial agreements:

• Termination clauses, penalty clauses, non-compete clauses, guarantee clauses and confidentiality clauses;
•Analysis of the legislation applicable to dispute resolution clauses, through arbitration or the courts;
•Instruments for the transfer of contractual obligations through credit assignment and debt assumption agreements;
•Instruments for terminating contractual obligations, including default, termination, rescission, dissolution and cancellation of agreements;
• Agreements relating to intellectual and industrial property and information technology, including licenses or transfers of trademarks, patents and image rights;
•Financial agrements involving national and international loans, their guarantees, and advice on formalizing guarantees by registering them with the relevant notaries;
• Drafting opinions covering the analysis of legislation and regulations applicable to various agreements.

Litigation and arbitration

We represent our clients in individual and collective litigation before all Brazilian Courts and Arbitration Courts related to Civil Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Consumer Law, Family and Succession Law, Competition Law and Administrative Law, including highly complex lawsuits.


Corporate and M&A

• Advice on buying and selling companies, shareholdings and assets;
• Advice on negotiations and risk analysis;
• Advice and due diligence for corporate reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs and incorporations;
• Advice and due diligence in preparing companies for sale.
• Structuring business deals, setting up companies, joint ventures, consortia, foundations and other corporate structures;
• Advising on corporate aspects of listed and privately-held companies;
• Preparation of agreements, articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, drafts and other corporate documents;
• Drafting and reviewing agreements, letters of intent and memorandum of understanding.


Through external consultants, we support our clients in complex cases involving consumer and labor issues.


• Advice on drafting operational manuals, writing of agreements and publicity material for advertising campaigns for consumer goods and services;
• Advice on specific issues before consumer protection bodies and monitoring of administrative and legal proceedings;
• Writing of opinions on any issue involving consumer law;
• Work in lawsuits involving consumer law.


• Advice for companies’ human resources departments, including advice on hiring and firing people, including foreigners;
• We represent our clients in legal and administrative proceedings related to labor law;
• Preparation of opinions on any issue involving labor law.