Founded in 2009 by attorney Daniel Martins Boulos, the firm has been recognized since its inception as one of the most admired in Brazil by the publication Análise Advocacia, the sector’s main national ranking.

Drawing on his professional experience of more than a decade working in one of the country’s largest law firms, our founding partner has created a highly specialized boutique law firm focused on offering personalized services.

In addition to the firm’s good reputation, our work model has also earned Daniel Martins Boulos continuous prominence in the publication Análise Advocacia, where he has been among Brazil’s most admired attorneys in various areas since 2012.

DMBoulos Advogados’ library – located in Rua Oscar Freire, in São Paulo, at the firm’s head office – consists of around five thousand books, including national and foreign works, mainly in the areas of Civil Law, Roman Law and Civil Procedural Law, which are open to students, scholars, teachers and researchers interested in these areas of law.

Pro bono and social responsibility
As part of its social responsibility program, DMBoulos Advogados develops pro bono projects and other actions and partnerships with companies, educational institutions, public authorities, social organizations, charities, public and private foundations.


Founding Partner



Daniel Martins Boulos is a founding partner and director of DMBoulos Advogados, with over 25 years’ experience in business law. He holds a Phd and a master’s degree in Civil Law from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (Pontifical Catholic University) of São Paulo (PUC-SP), is a professor at Insper and the creator of the institution’s LLM in Contract Law.

He works as a lecturer and speaker in Brazil, working on the development and presentation of in-company training courses for the legal departments of national and multinational companies throughout the country.

Since 2012, he has been among the most admired attorneys in Brazil, according to the publication Análise Advocacia.

Main areas of activity
Civil Law (advisory and litigation), Commercial Agreements, Corporate Law, Consumer Law, Real Estate Law, with special expertise in agreements and bank guarantees.

Atividades acadêmicas
• Professor at Insper since 2003. Created and coordinated the LLM in Contract Law
• Guest lecturer in Contract Law at the University Extension Centre (CEU) since 2003
• Assistant professor of Civil Law at PUC-SP, having taught with professors Carlos Leduar Lopes, Rogério Ferraz Donnini and Gilberto Haddad Jabur
• Professor of Civil Law at the post-graduate course in Business Law at GV Law (2008 to 2015)
• Guest professor at the University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland (2012)
• Voluntary assistant professor in the master’s and Phd programs in Civil Law at PUC-SP, having taught classes together with Prof. Phd Ruy Geraldo Camargo Viana (2004 and 2005)

• Effective member and member of the Contract Law and Real Estate Law committees of Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo (IASP)
• Member of Instituto Brasileiro de Ciências Jurídicas (IBCJ)
• Member of Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Imobiliário (IBRADIM)
• Former member of OAB-SP’s Banking Law Commission

Academic publishing
• Author of the book “Abuso do direito no novo Código Civil” (Abuse of Law in the New Civil Code), published by Editora Método, with a foreword by Prof. Phd Arruda Alvim and presentation by Phd Mário Luiz Delgado
• Co-author of the collective work “Lei de Registros Públicos Comentada: Lei n.º 6.015/1973” (Commented Law of Public Records, Law no.  6.015/1973), published by Editora Forense
• He is the author of several articles in specialized magazines and collective works.

Languages: English and French

Attorney with a solid background in real estate law. Post-graduate course in Civil Procedural Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP) and in Consumer Relations from Faculdade de Direito Damásio de Jesus (Damásio de Jesus Law School).
Atuação: Specialization in Real Estate Law, Civil Law (advisory and litigation), Commercial Agreements and Business Law. Language: English
Master’s and Phd student in Civil Procedural Law at USP, specializing in Business Law at Escola Paulista de Direito. He is a guest lecturer on Civil Procedural Law in lato sensu post-graduate courses, the author of the book “Coisa julgada e questões prejudiciais” (The Legal Matter and Preliminary Rullings), published by Editora Thoth, and of numerous articles on Civil Procedural Law.
Atuação: Pratice: Civil Law (advisory and litigation), Civil Procedure, Arbitration and Commercial Agreements. Languages: English, Spanish (intermediate) and Italian (reading)
Attorney graduated from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the same institution.
Atuação: Civil law (advisory and litigation).

Language: English
Attorney with a post-graduate degree in Civil Procedural Law and Alternative Conflict Solutions from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and a degree in Conciliation and Mediation from the Escola Superior de Advocacia (ESA).
Atuação: Civil Law (advisory and litigation), Real Estate, Conciliation and Mediation.

Language: English
Attorney graduated from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and holds a degree in legal English from the Alumni institution.
Atuação: Civil Law (advisory and litigation) and Real Estate Law.

Language: English
Attorney graduated in Law at United Metropolitan Colleges (Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas) (FMU).
Atuação: Civil Law (advisory and litigation).

Language: English